native Linux userland in Windows 10

John Cowan
Thu Apr 14 20:49:00 GMT 2016

Warren Young scripsit:

> Third, given a choice between the Cygwin package repo and the Ubuntu
> package repo, well, no contest, yes?  That’s also why Ubuntu and
> not, say, Fedora or Arch; Microsoft chose the biggest single package
> repo available.

I'm not so sure of that.  Canonical is fairly friendly to non-FLOSS
software, although the great bulk of the distro is of course FLOSS.  
It may be a matter of who MS thought they could best work with.

> But to drag all of this back on topic, UfW is Microsoft saying,
> “Yes, we know we screwed up.  Please accept this full apology.”  A
> whole lot of people are going to accept that gratefully.

Ever since I had to switch to Win64, I've missed CoLinux (which apparently
is no longer being developed).  UoW, once the bugs are flushed, will
look a lot like that: the Windows filesystem is visible but the Win32
executables don't work.  (Wine on UoW?  Who knows?)

> Under PowerShell, you run a command line, get a given output, but then
> still have no obvious solution because the command’s representation
> may materially change in a pipeline, so now you have to go chasing
> through the MSDN docs or reflection APIs to work out how to crawl its
> list-of-objects representation.

There are of course a few Posix commands like that, notably ls.
It's just that we are used to them, and they usually do the Right Thing
when the output is not a tty.

> UfW will be completely independent of Cygwin.  More’s the pity,
> because it means you’ll be incentivized to choose one or the other,
> likely to Cygwin’s net detriment.

Based on my CoLinux experience, I expect I'll keep Cygwin but won't
use it as much as I do today.  It will still be indispensable for some

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