Conflict between Cygwin 1.7 and Ubuntu for Windows 14316

John Cowan
Wed Apr 13 05:23:00 GMT 2016

After many years as a contented Cygwin user, I decided to check out
the new Ubuntu on Windows (UoW) product from Microsoft.  I promptly
ran into a nasty problem.  I have filed it with the MS Feedback Hub,
but I thought I should post here as well.

When a file is created under Cygwin, it can neither be read nor written
by UoW.  Any attempt to do so returns EACCES.  It does not matter
whether the UoW user is root or not, and it does not matter what the
file permissions are as seen by UoW, or whether the file is in the UoW
root (which is really C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\lxss\rootfs)
or elsewhere on C: (which is mounted by UoW at /mnt/c).  It also does
not matter who has written to the file (Win32, Cygwin, or UoW).
Directories are not affected by this problem.

Is Cygwin creating ordinary files with some kind of magic that's different
from creating a file, say, by output redirection in cmd.exe, or in a Win32
application?  This is not about file names with funny characters, either.

John Cowan
C'est la` pourtant que se livre le sens du dire, de ce que, s'y conjuguant
le nyania qui bruit des sexes en compagnie, il supplee a ce qu'entre eux,
de rapport nyait pas.               --Jacques Lacan, "L'Etourdit"

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