grep (GNU grep) 2.24

Gordon Grimes
Fri Apr 8 20:53:00 GMT 2016

HI all,

Firstly, I neglected to show that I had piped the grep results into "wc -l".  That's where the numbers came from.
Secondly, I've reinstalled the later version and will watch for a recurrence.  If it happens I'll post the full test, including the "FILE" contents. 

Thanks for the responses.


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I had generated a FILE by simply doing a 'find' on a directory and used grep to cull the results.  I wasn't working so I repeated and tried the following trivial 'grep':

% wc -l FILE
% grep . FILE

Very wrong. 

I reverted to version 2.21 and everything now works as expected:
% grep . FILE

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