/bin/rebaselst: cannot create /var/cache/rebase/rebase_lst: Permission denied

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Fri Apr 8 09:05:00 GMT 2016

Greetings, Houder!

> Perhaps not important, but when setup is invoked like this:

>      E:\Setup\bld\setup.exe -B -n -R e:/Setup/test -l 
> e:/Setup/_test_repository

> that is, with -B

> /bin/rebaselst has trouble writing:

> /var/cache/rebase/rebase_lst: Permission denied, and
> /var/cache/rebase/rebase_exe: Permission denied

This indicates that, at one point, you DID run setup with admin privileges.

> As far as I can tell, these files are created '666' ...

> setup.full attached to this post.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, April 8, 2016 11:53:06

Sorry for my terrible english...

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