crash caused by stack-allocated array in child process after fork?

Thomas Wolff
Sun Apr 3 19:12:00 GMT 2016

Mintty has been struck by a mysterious crash condition which seems to be 
related to a weird combination of circumstances, involving the creation 
of an array on the stack, like
   wchar msg[1024];
in a child process after a fork (as used for daemonizing).

Details are described in -
note that the crash does not happen if the line quoted above is changed 
to any non-stack array creation, like
   wchar * msg = malloc...
   static wchar msg[1024]
   wchar msg[wlen]; // with int wlen = ..., in which case the array is 
created on the heap
or even, more mysteriously
   wchar msg[1800];

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Could this be a gcc bug or 
cygwin bug? Might it be related to ?


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