[attention p7zip maintainer] p7zip 15.14 is out

Tony Kelman tony@kelman.net
Sat Apr 2 16:44:00 GMT 2016

>> Yes but only for development installs. Strictly as a user of the binary
>> install I wouldn't want the dependency here.
> We were talking about the cygport file and whether to include a
> build-time dependency in there.

I also thought the naming for REQUIRES vs DEPEND was a bit confusing
until I went and read the cygport docs in detail.

I didn't realize my -1 upload actually went through correctly, and I
spent a couple of weeks not using Windows. Once we can get the
new Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 I won't be using my
opensuse partition much any more - but I also might not use cygwin
either, we'll see.

I'll spin a -2 rebuild with the setup.hint mistake fixed, and mark the
build time dependency.


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