Packages not found by setup 2.873

Warren Young
Fri Apr 1 01:09:00 GMT 2016

On Mar 31, 2016, at 2:57 AM, EMMANUELLE FOURNIER <> wrote:
> I've changed in tar.bz2, because in the x86 version of program, they were in tar.bz2.

You’ve misdiagnosed the cause of the change.  Cygwin changed from distributing bz2-packed tarballs to xz-packed tarballs many months ago for both x86 and x86_64.

> But if you mean that is not a cause, I will modify this.

I’d want better proof than what you’ve provided to decide that xz is causing your problems.

> - I've modified setup in order to find packages in tar.bz2 instead of tar.xz.
> - There were errors for each packages, a pop-up came each time with the following message  : "Can't open (null) for readind : no such file”

Try your setup with a fresh set of .xz packages and an unmodified setup.exe binary, downloaded from  Then if that fails, get back to us.

> 2016/03/25 16:21:28 Selected local directory: C:\D3IPARAM\setup_cygwin\cygwin-setup\

It seems you’re using bogus domain names in your setup.ini file. doesn’t resolve:

I don’t know if this is the primary problem or just a contributing error, but you shouldn’t have setup.exe chasing after things that don’t exist.  At best, it will cause it to do a bunch of work with no useful effect.

> And I can try without "-C base”.

I verified that guess after I posted it: -C base is indeed not necessary.

> A final information : I've made it with x86 setup on x64 target machine. Is it a problem ? I don't think so, but I still wonder.

If you mean that you’re installing 32-bit Cygwin on a 64-bit machine, that’s fine.  The other direction is not fine.

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