mkshortcut (cygutils-1.4.14) free error

Mark Geisert
Tue Oct 27 09:30:00 GMT 2015

Anthony Heading writes:
> I didn't hit any explicit configure issue myself,  rather a bunch of
> unrecognized case-invariant strcmp variants, which took about 10 seconds
> to fix but did make me wonder about the source code.    And then this
> below was the slightly trickier issue:
> % src/mkshortcut/.libs/mkshortcut xyzzy
> mkshortcut: Saving "xyzzy.lnk" failed; does the target directory exist?
> The packaged binary does not do this.

I really appreciate the leads and code you've provided.  Could we please
discuss only on the Cygwin mailing list?  That's the convention we have,
barring extraordinary circumstances :) .  It allows for public review.

Installing gettext-devel and popt-devel got rid of my configure issues.  I
updated lpr/ and cygdrop/ to use strcasecmp() instead of
stricmp() and strcmpi() respectively.  I did not (yet) look into the
compiler warnings that spew during the build of some of the cygutils

At that point I could reproduce your first mkshortcut issue.  Your patch
seems to fix that issue.  So far, so good.

The second issue with the non-absolute path is more problematic.  Without
your second patch, I do see the issue but only on the 2nd or later
invocation.  In other words, if the xyzzy.lnk file does not initially exist,
the command 'src/mkshortcut/.libs/mkshortcut xyzzy' works and does create
the link file.  Another invocation then shows the error.  Is it simply
mis-reporting that there's an existing link file?  I'm also assuming you're
in the /usr/src/cygutils-1.4.14-1.<arch>/build directory when you issue that


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