[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-5.2.0-1 (Test x86/x86_64)

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Mon Oct 5 18:54:00 GMT 2015

On 9/30/2015 7:15 AM, JonY wrote:
> gcc-5.2.0-1 has been uploaded for 32bit and 64bit Cygwin.
> This is the first series of the 5.x releases, and should be considered
> as experimental as such.

Just a HEADSUP for package maintainers who might want to try this: I 
installed this by clicking the Exp button in setup and choosing 
everything that seemed related to gcc.  This included binutils-2.25-2. 
It turns out that this test release is *not* related to the gcc-5 
release, and it has bugs that caused me problems.  So stick with 

[JonY, I can report the binutils-2.25-2 bug separately if you want 
details.  Briefly, I got errors when running 'nm -l' on some DLLs, on 
x86 only.]


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