How ask a question on Tkgate for Cygwin ?

David Stacey
Sun May 31 09:32:00 GMT 2015

On 29/05/2015 22:23, Rémi Anjou wrote:
> What is the procedure to install Tkgate with the Cygwin version 2.871 ?

tkgate isn't present as a Cygwin package, so you will have to build it 
from source yourself. tkgate compiles out of the box under Cygwin. 
However, Fedora carries four patches [1], and you may consider looking 
at these to see if they are applicable for Cygwin.

Here are the commands I used to compile tkgate:

     tar -xf tkgate-2.0-b10.tgz
     cd tkgate-2.0-b10/

Then I ran the application like this:

     XWin -multiwindow &
     export DISPLAY=:0.0
     ./src/tkgate/tkgate &

The tkgate application started, and I was presented with a window 
containing a number of electrical circuit diagrams. However, tkgate 
isn't an application I'm familiar with, so I stopped there.

You could also install it into your Cygwin installation (although I 
didn't try this):

     make install

Hope this helps,


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