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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sat May 30 23:01:00 GMT 2015

On 05/28/2015 12:38 PM, James Mao wrote:
> Dear friends,
> When I installed cygwin for the first time everything is fine. After I
> messed it up (trying to figure out X-windows), a lot of things changed: for
> example /usr/bin is not in default path and the default directory changed. I
> think a simple reinstall should correct all these. But it is not. I followed
> FAQ: deleted the folder and so on. But after reinstallation the /usr/bin is
> still not in $PATH, and now nothing in HOME (no directory, no .bashrc). What
> could be the reason that the new installation is different from my first
> installation? How can I reinstall a clean version? BTW, my os is windows 8.

What you did, as far as you described it, sounds fine.  So that points to a
local problem.  I'd say you're either suffering from BLODA or some
anti-virus or anti-spyware that's being over-zealous and inhibiting your
install or you have some other software on your machine that's using a
version of Cygwin under the hood and that's colliding with your main
installation.  Running 'cygcheck -srv' should point out offending alternate
Cygwin installations.

If none of these areas of investigation turn up anything that
resolves your problem, please read and follow the problem reporting
guidelines found at the link below in any follow-up email message to
this thread.  The information recommended by the guidelines will help
folks here on the list spot other possible offending issues on your

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