Regression on XP with "Fix OPOST for non-Cygwin pty slaves"

Johannes Schindelin
Thu May 28 23:25:00 GMT 2015

Hi Corrinna,

On 2015-05-27 14:50, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On May  1 16:25, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
>> Hi Yano & Corinna,
>> I would like to ask you for help with fixing a regression I am 
>> experiencing
>> on XP (and XP only, the problem does not occur with Windows 7 or 8). 
>> It may
>> be a 32-bit issue, but I cannot currently test on 64-bit XP.
>> Background: I am the maintainer of Git for Windows and we are hoping 
>> to
>> release a new major release Real Soon Now, based on MSys2 (which in 
>> turn is
>> based on Cygwin). To make the user experience a bit better, we want to 
>> allow
>> users to double-click a "Git Bash" icon that simply launches a small,
>> non-console MinGW executable which in turn basically sets up the PATH 
>> and
>> MSYSTEM environment variables (as required for the MSys2 runtime) and 
>> then
>> launches a mintty with a bash inside. Please note that this small 
>> executable
>> is *not* a console program but a GUI one (-mwindows instead of 
>> -mconsole) so
>> that no console window flashes before the mintty window is shown.
>> Now, this strategy worked well so far, except that I recently found 
>> that Git
>> Bash does not start in XP anymore, instead the mintty process just 
>> sits and
>> waits for a while and after five to ten minutes, the mintty window 
>> appears
>> with the message:
>>     Failed to fork child process: Resource temporarily unavailable.
>>     DLL rebasing may be required. See 'rebaseall --help'.
>> (Needless to say, a 'rebaseall' does not fix it.)
>> This problem does *not* occur if I call mintty from a `.bat` file or 
>> from
>> `cmd` -- but as I said, I want to avoid flashing console windows -- 
>> and it
>> also does not happen if I run a mintty from a freshly installed Cygwin 
>> (with
>> cygwin package version 2.0.1-1) where the shortcut points directly to
>> `mintty` which is a console application.
>> This symptom makes me believe that the culprit might be that 
>> msys-2.0.dll
>> somehow expected an attached Win32 Console, and spins in circles when 
>> there
>> is none.
>> Now, please note that I do *not* run a regular cygwin1.dll but rather 
>> an
>> msys-2.0.dll that I had to patch even more to support users of the 
>> previous
>> Git for Windows version (which was based on MSys1 and did things like
>> allowing users to override their home directory using the HOME 
>> environment
>> variable).
>> Starting with the diff on top of cygwin1.dll's sources, I bisected the
>> problem down to the commit "Fix OPOST for non-Cygwin pty slaves":
>> With this commit reverted, on top of the MSys2 and the Git for Windows
>> patches, the mintty window appears correctly again when launched on 
>> 32-bit
>> XP via said GUI executable. You can see my current state here:
>> I would like to ask you for advice how to debug this regression 
>> further
>> because I really would like to revert the revert and have a proper 
>> fix. Or
>> maybe you have an idea how I can fix it directly?
> Hmm, this seems to be another fallout from introducing different OPOST
> processing (via spearate pipes) for native and Cygwin processes.
> Does the patch from
> help, by any chance?

Sadly, my test program still hangs when running with an msys2-runtime 
with that patch applied. I cannot say where exactly it hangs, just that 
the mintty I call from a GUI program spawns a thread that seems to wait 
until something times out.

I won't be able to investigate this during the next week, but I could 
put more effort into shedding more light into the problem in the second 
or third week of June.


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