Fish Shell Speed?

David Frascone
Wed May 27 12:43:00 GMT 2015

Hi guys,

I've been getting back into using fish at home and work.  At work,
I've been messing with automatic git & mercurial prompts and
automatically setting up python virtual python environments.  So, my
fish_prompt function is getting a bit large.

On linux, I have no complaints -- everything works beautifully.

On cygwin, however, I'm having performance issues.  I'm not sure what
it causing the slow-down, but, I assume it has something to do with
either git or mercurial being called for every prompt generation.  So,
a few questions:

1) Has anyone seen this behavior before?  If so, do you remember which
functions may be causing it (hg vs git speed under cygwin maybe?)

2) Any thoughts on trying to profile a prompt and/or shell script, if
I pull it out of the prompt function?

Thanks in advance,


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