Doing vfork: resource temporarily unavailable

Achim Gratz
Wed May 27 00:14:00 GMT 2015

Rockefeller, Harry writes:
> Instructions above state running setup-x86.exe not setup-x86_64.exe.
> Does anyone experience frequent emacs vfork errors running 64-bit Cygwin?
> Maybe it's time for me to try running that again?

DLL collisions are _much_ less likely on x86_64 out of the gate, but
they do occur from time to time.

> What I've successfully done, twice :-), to fix my vfork errors is to follow the
> above procedure: run rebase-trigger, stop all Cygwin, then run setup-x86.exe,
> followed by a reboot, then bring up cmd window where I run,
> cd c:/cygwin; cd bin; ash; /usr/bin/rebaseall -v

That's the wrong procedure.  You run

rebase-trigger fullrebase

then reboot (if you have reason to suspect that a reboot might help,
then run setup.exe (either architecture).  An additional rebaseall
beyond that isn't going to do anything useful.  A full rebase on the
same installation is deterministic, it will always chose the same base

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