stock vim (7.4.729-1) is not eager to initially draw the file buffer

Armen Michaeli
Thu May 21 12:33:00 GMT 2015

Hi all,

I have discovered recently (i cannot tell exactly when I noticed) that
my Cygwin vim 7.4.729-1, as used with mintty 1.2-beta1-1, does not
immediately draw opened file buffer with syntax highlighting on.

I have minimized the error by completely emptying my ~/.vimrc and
making sure there nothing else but that script that is sourced by vim
on start.

The only contents of that file are:

syntax on

Removing this command makes vim redraw a "plain text" buffer of an
opened file, but works because it redraws immediately, just as one is
used to.

"syntax on" in ~/.vimrc however, makes vim just clear the screen with
the name of the file at the bottom and no redrawing even if I type
something, like ':' and a command - everything appears up to a minute
later. It is not a loop of anything, because I found out that by
resizing/maximizing/restoring the mintty window where vim is, brings
about a redraw once in a while eventually settling it on the screen. I
start to feel there is something wrong with the underlying termcap
logic, but the shell works fine for example, and oddly enough vim
exhibits the same bad behavior when used in an xterm instead of

I am at loss of what to try. The same setup (~/.vimrc) works fine on
Linuxes, especially of course if it just contains "syntax on".

What can I try to debug this?

Thank you.

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