File operations on a Windows Driver (character device)

Mark Geisert
Tue May 19 08:52:00 GMT 2015

Alessio Faina writes:
> Ok thanks, I've been able to find the character device under
> "/proc/sys/DosDevices/Global/deviceName"; now I'm stuck with the mmap
> implementation; when I do mmap in the userland program it returns me
> errno 19 (#define ENODEV      19  /* No such device */) obviously because
> I haven't set anything in the kernel module; there's a way to make visible a
> portion of memory to be used by the mmap in the kernel? The memory is Non
> and allocated with a ExAllocatePoolWithTag in 'win terms'.

help to answer your question?  If it does, you'll still have to decide
whether to translate the Windows calls there into Cygwin calls or instead
just localize the Windows calls in one user-level module and leave
everything else to Cygwin.


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