cygwin-2 process handling

Michael Mauger
Mon May 18 19:18:00 GMT 2015

Since the upgrade to cygwin-2 I've been having consistent problems using emacs.  My emacs config has not changed and the most recent update to cygwin-2 has helped.  I'm using the emacs-w32 executable and have numerous remote cygwin ssh sessions running underneath emacs so that I can edit remote files and run remote shell sessions within emacs.  

When I then start up a Windows console executable (in my case Oracles sqlplus.exe, but cmd.exe works too), I start getting hanging in the cygwin ssh sessions.  Filename completion (which involves emacs interacting with a ssh session) or opening a remote file (which involves emacs transferring the file locally via scp or inline) will both hang.  It generally requires that I send a SIGUSR2 signal to the emacs-w32 process which emacs responds to by halting whatever is running and returning to the top level interaction loop.  When it does so, the process appears to be waiting for input. If I then end the console session, the interaction returns to normal.  Trying to start a second Windows console session will also hang.

In Emacs *scratch* buffer
  (shell "*One*")  C-j
  #<buffer *One*>
  (shell "*Two*")  C-j
  #<buffer *Two*>

  (let ((explicit-shell-file-name "/c/Windows/System32/cmd.exe")) (shell "*Three*"))  C-j  

  #<buffer *Three*>  (let ((explicit-shell-file-name "/c/Windows/System32/cmd.exe")) (shell "*Four*"))  C-j
  *** HANGS ***

Things dramatically improved with Cygwin-2.0.2-1 "restores the #include <sys/select.h> in <sys/time.h>".  I could run more than one process at a time, and worked perfectly prior to cygwin-2.

MICHAEL MAUGER // FSF Member // GNU Emacs sql-mode maintainer // GNU Linux, GNU Emacs, OwnCloud

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