File operations on a Windows Driver (character device)

Alessio Faina
Mon May 18 16:19:00 GMT 2015

Ok thanks, I've been able to find the character device under
"/proc/sys/DosDevices/Global/deviceName"; now I'm stuck with the mmap
implementation; when I do mmap in the userland program it returns me
errno 19 (#define ENODEV      19  /* No such device */) obviously because
I haven't set anything in the kernel module; there's a way to make visible a
portion of memory to be used by the mmap in the kernel? The memory is Non Paged
and allocated with a ExAllocatePoolWithTag in 'win terms'.

2015-05-18 16:47 GMT+02:00 Larry Hall (Cygwin)
> On 05/18/2015 05:42 AM, Alessio Faina wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I'm developing a port of a FreeBSD/Linux application that consists of
>> two parts: a kernel and a user land part.
>> The kernel part is build as a WDM driver and is compiled with VS2013
>> and WDK 8.1: the userspace is going to
>> be compiled under Cygwin for compatibility with user land programs
>> already written for other OSs.
>> My problem is that the user space program invokes Open(), ioctl(),
>> mmap/munmap(), select() and poll().
>> I've build a test Win32 app to open with CreateFile the DosDevice with
>> the "\\\\.\\uniioctl" name and everything goes fine,
>> but I've tried to do the same thing with Open(...) with a lot of
>> variants (\\DosDevice\\uniioctl, \dev\uniioctl....) but I'm
>> unable to open the character device. There is some way to do this?
> Sorry I can't help with allot of specifics on your questions but I can
> say that when using Cygwin, you are best off if you stick to POSIX syntax
> and semantics and don't mix in Windows code and Windowisms.  That includes
> path separators (i.e. use '/', not '\').  See this page in the User's Guide
> for information on how Cygwin handles device emulation too:
> <>
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