Issue while running Visual Studio's devenv through ssh

The General
Mon May 18 15:33:00 GMT 2015

I am aware that I am getting a Visual Studio error. The reason this problem is
tied to Cygwin is when I log into W, open a Cygwin console, and run build.bat
it works, but when I execute the procedure described below (executing build.bat
from U through ssh using Cygwin's sshd running on W) it fails.

Also, sorry if this shows up as a separate topic, I neglected to subscribe to
the list before posting my previous message. For that reason I've included my
whole post below.

On May 15, 2015, at 1:08 PM, The General <> wrote:
>> 1>Stdafx.cpp : fatal error C1902: Program database manager mismatch;
>> please check your installation
>Thatâs a Visual Studio error, not a Cygwin error.
>Perhaps you have this problem:
>If thatâs not it, youâll need to tie this problem to some Cygwin-specific
>behavior for this thread to be on-topic.
>On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 3:08 PM, The General <>
>> I have some code that needs to be built on a windows machine (W), but
>> my primary development/deploy environment is an Ubuntu server (U). The
>> goal is to fully automate the build/deploy process so that it can be
>> kicked off from U.
>> Before I describe the problem let me explain my process.
>> U is an Ubuntu 12.04.5 VM running on ESXI
>> W is a Windows 7 VM (Version 6.1.7601) running on ESXI, it has Cygwin
>> installed (with the openssl and git packages included) and UAC
>> disabled.
>> I am running the following command from U:
>> ssh win_user@ 'cd
>> /cygdrive/c/Users/win_user/git_repo/windows_code && ./build.bat'
>> I have set up public key authentication from U to W, but I also
>> experience the below issue when I include the '-o
>> PreferredAuthentications=password' switch.
>> build.bat is stored locally on W and looks like this:
>> @echo off
>> git pull
>> call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
>> 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" amd64
>> devenv /nologo "windows_code.sln" /Build "Release|x64"
>> The git pull command is pulling changes from a remote git server (G).
>> I have also set up public key authentication from W to G, disabling
>> this doesn't seem to have any effect.
>> The problem:
>> After I got the above working I took a snapshot of W. If I reset to
>> that snapshot and run the ssh command on U everything works. If I
>> leave W idle for a few hours and try again I get the following from
>> devenv:
>> 1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: windows_code, Configuration:
>> Release x64 ------
>> 1>  Stdafx.cpp
>> 1>Stdafx.cpp : fatal error C1902: Program database manager mismatch;
>> please check your installation
>> Right now I'm at a loss as to why this will work after a snapshot
>> reset, but will stop working if the machine is left alone for awhile.
>> Resetting to the most recent snapshot, rebooting the VM, and then
>> running the ssh command from U will also generate the above error.
>> A temporary solution is to manually reset the VM before kicking off
>> the job, but I'd like to figure out why it stops working after awhile.
>> Any feedback is much appreciated, and if anyone needs more information
>> please don't hesitate to ask.

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