startxwin - xinit unable to connect to X server

Bryan Berns
Thu May 14 07:06:00 GMT 2015

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:40 PM, Kunz, Christopher L <> wrote:
> After updating to the latest Cygwin distribution, I can no longer connect to X server. When I run startxwin (on a fresh Cygwin install), I get the following errors:
> xinit: giving up
> xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused
> xinit: server error
> The XWin.#.log looks okay, I think (see attached).  I've set DISPLAY to :0.0.
> Thanks.

When's the last time you had updated the xinit package?

Try launching as startxwin as startxwin -- -listen tcp

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