Cannot create a native symlink in not current directory

David Macek
Mon May 11 12:39:00 GMT 2015

On 10. 5. 2015 23:27, Пётр Б. wrote:
> ln -s x y
> Everything works.
> ln -s x ../y
>> ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘../y’: No such file or directory
> Now it is interesting. WHAT IS THIS. Am I not getting something?
> Same command works perfectly with non-native links.

Maybe you already know, but it took me a while to realize, so I'll mention it here: `ln -s target ../link` executed in directory /foo/bar will create /foo/link targeting "target", i.e. /foo/target (and not /foo/bar/target as I thought).

Cygwin refuses to create NTFS symlinks to non-existing targets. This is due to a mismatch between NTFS and POSIX symlink semantics.

Given this information, the error you're seeing should now be obvious to you.

David Macek

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