Ken Brown
Fri May 8 21:57:00 GMT 2015

On 5/8/2015 2:48 AM, Axel Heinrici wrote:
> Hello,
> .........1.........2.........3.........4.........5.........6.........7
> I use gnuplot and some bash-skripts on a Cygwin x86_64-Installation to
> generate a number of plots. Filetype is png because plenty of colleagues
> will look into the plots.
> Usually gnuplot sends the message:
> <======================
> fontconfig: Couldn't find font. when opening font "arial", using internal
> non-scalable font
> ======================>
> That could be a solution if I could force gnuplot always to do so.
> when exporting GDFONTPATH=/cygwin/x/Windows/Fonts
> I can use Arial Font without error.
> The Problem is that I do not understand which font is available or not.
> In c:\Windows\Fonts\ there is a scalable Font called "Terminal", but I
> get the error message:
> <======================
> fontconfig: Couldn't find font. when opening font Terminal, trying default
> ======================>
> gnuplot then uses arial.
> If I run fc-list I get exactly one empty line.
> Since I use my skripts in productive environment I would like to have
> deterministic behaviour.
> What is chain of command between gnuplot, GD-Terminal, fontconfig and what
> is involved there.

I can't answer your question, but the fontconfig issue is simply that 
fontconfig doesn't know about the Windows font directory.  See


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