[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.17.1-3

Jon TURNEY jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Fri May 1 22:39:00 GMT 2015

On 01/05/2015 21:25, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 5/1/2015 2:19 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>> On 01/05/2015 13:43, Ken Brown wrote:
>>> On 5/1/2015 7:56 AM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
>>>> On 30/04/2015 23:19, Ken Brown wrote:
>>>>> I'm finding, on three different 64-bit Cygwin systems, that the server
>>>>> dies shortly after starting.  I'm attaching XWin.0.log from one of
>>>>> them.
>> I don't quite understand why cygwin's exception processing doesn't then
>> catch that exception and raise a SIGSEGV.
>> However, I did a bit more staring at the changes in 1.17.1-3 and I did
>> find a nasty bug in some code which uses the heap.  I've uploaded a
>> snapshot [1] with a possible fix, please test that if you can.
> That fixes it.  Thanks.

No problem.  Thanks for testing, and thanks for reporting the bug!

I've uploaded 1.17.1-4 with this fix.

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