unix user - who BOYCOTTED microsoft a long time ago - still not paid for microsoft legal infringements

John D. Hendrickson johnandsara2@cox.net
Fri May 1 13:49:00 GMT 2015


i've been findign allot of microsoft hacks in Unix code

while allot of if is #ifdef WIN32 which is "ok" (but damages readability 
of code)

i've been seeing cygwin has been causing lib dependancy problems and 
breakage in Unix that is not ok - even in gcc.  things that are not 
related to win32.  such as: adding "stack canaries" as default to gcc

(i know that bullshit is off the MSc++ 6 developer disk: and not even a 
good win32 programmer would use it - news was when it came out not to 
use it)

but that's only an example.  many hacks and changes made cause software 
which used to build fine to have dependancy probelsm and or just plain 

there is a conflict of interest

you people dont even run UNIx natively, and run on a system which has 
historically attacked Unix in every way it can

cygwin is saying they are in charge of GNU - but, ie, GCC - is what your 
trying to steal and damage - and is from a past generation of unix users 
- who most of got it free as well.

consider that a "restraining order"

windows hackers - however rich - cannot be in control of "free unix"

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