What generates colossal 1.4G /usr/share/icons

Fergus fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net
Thu Jul 30 06:44:00 GMT 2015

>> What is it that generates the **absolutely massive** /usr/share/icons/?
>> I've had a hunt through "requires:" in setup.ini but got lost. 

> $ du -sh /usr/share/icons
> 114M /usr/share/icons

> These icon directories have a _lot_ of symlinks, did you perhaps copy your
> installation and flatten them?

Thank you.
$ du -sh /usr/share/icons/
1.5G /usr/share/icons/
I did not intentionally flatten them, but I must have: 1.5G >> 114M. 
Unflattening is presumably not possible (how would it be driven?) so: I had better re-install and hope that multiple symlinks are recovered. ‎
Can you say what original package installation might have induced this directory?

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