[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.1.2

Houder houder@xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 26 11:58:00 GMT 2015

> Hi Thomas,
> Additionally ...
>> But first things, first ...
>> Please, make a mental picture of the check boxes at your place at 'control panel >
>> performance information and tools > adjust visual effects'.
>> I'll bet, all check boxes for "eye candy" has been checked at your place; NONE of
>> them are checked at my place ...
>> (I am an old fashioned guy, who wants his 8 cores to do useful things)
> Additionally I "enabled" 'Windows Classic' ... (which disables transparency, does it
> not?) i.s.o. 'Windows 7' (the default).
> (control panel > personalization)
> (in an attempt to specify how your environment might be different from mine)


 - changing to 'best appearance' (visual effects) or
 - changing to 'Windows 7' (personalization)

does the trick ... i.e. mintty v211 (and v212 as modified by me, but W/O removing the
invocation of update_transparency() ) will not crash

Changing back to "my default" will make them crash again.

Exit Henri


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