Cygwin unable to resolve hostnames

René Berber
Wed Jul 22 21:50:00 GMT 2015

On 7/22/2015 3:53 PM, Matthew Fountain wrote:

> I'm not sure when this started, but recently Cygwin has been unable to
> resolve (certain) hostnames.
> Example:
>  wget
> --2015-07-22 15:17:04--
> Resolving ( failed: Non-recoverable failure
> in name resolution.
> Any ideas?

Cygwin by default uses the same resolution as Windows, that means that
you have something in Cygwin's configuration that affects resolution.

First and most obvious is /etc/resolv.conf; by default I don't think
there is one, but you can create it and Cygwin will use it.

Next would be if you have more than one DNS resolver in your (Windows)
network configuration, this means that any one of them can be used at
any time (literally it should be random)... and by coincidence Cygwin is
using one that doesn't work, the Web browser is using another, and
things change with different tests. Run 'ipconfig -all' and see under
the network adapter what's listed for "DNS Servers".

Also if there is more than one network adapter something similar to the
last paragraph will happen. I would think that Cygwin uses the DNS
servers on the "default" adapter.

Hope this helps.
René Berber

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