db_home setting in nsswitch.conf is ignored.

Shaun Martin squarefighter@yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 19:28:00 GMT 2015

> Is HOME set in the Windows environment already?  If so, this
> might interact with the setting in /etc/nsswitch.conf, which *only*
> works for entries taken from the passwd DB (getpwnam, getpwuid calls).
> How do you start mintty?  It should be started with a single parameter,
> a dash, e.g.:
>   C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -

Yes, HOME is set in the Windows environment and I am not able to change it.
With the "SET" command in a Windows command prompt I can see:


When you say it only works for entries taken from passwd DB, does that
mean I need to create a "/etc/passwd" file in order to change the
"db_home" directory with nsswitch.conf?

I'm starting mintty with the shortcut generated by the installer:

C:\Users\shaun\Apps\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

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