SIGINT generated by Control-C, is not delivered in mintty

Tue Jul 21 21:32:00 GMT 2015

>> You are the expert on mintty now ... I only observed a "pattern":
> let's say maintainer... expert on terminal issues maybe, but not on
> Windows API and specifics of POSIX process control...

Language, language, Henri!

Hi Thomas,

1. Re. "You are the expert on mintty now ..."

First of all, my apologies ... I should have accompanied my statement with a Smiley ( :-) )

You are not an export on mintty yet ... I am aware of that (as we all are). You cannot be an
expert on mintty within a couple of weeks/months ...

I only wanted to 'signal', that my knowledge of mintty, compared to yours, is nill.

Furthermore, I wanted to point out exactly when mintty "failed" ...

2. priority of the bug

Secondly, my first reason for interfering with this thread was, that I wanted to have a clear
understanding of the problem ...
Next, I presented a work-around, as you did:

 1. cmd /c <root>/bin/mintty -- mine
 2. setsid mintty -- yours
 3. run mintty -- in case the "bash window" should close itself
 4. etc.

What I mean is, that I do not believe there is a serious problem with mintty (meaning, you can
afford yourself some time in finding a solution).

But, of course, that is my opinion.

3. Re. "Windows API and specifics of POSIX process control ..."

Third, I hear you ... but I am afraid that your only point of reference here is Corinna V. Only
she (sadly enough) has the intimate knowledge in this area (ever since Christopher Faylor left).
(something that should freak out the community and her boss)

... Perhaps she ...

> I've implemented a tweak that should resolve the issue. Please try

A tarball? I may have a stab at it ... but it has been a long time since I compiled anything
related to Cygwin ...

> I think it's a workaround rather than a fix though as I think the actual
> problem is within cygwin.

I heard you the first time. However, Cygwin (yes, the part that Corinna V. knows all about) may
have been modified for justifiable reasons. And in that case, mintty has to adapt.

Bottom-line: allow yourself more time studying mintty (to me there is not really a problem with

Good night!



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