Cygwin ssh and Windows authentication

Sun Jul 19 14:07:00 GMT 2015

I'm still quite new to Cygwin. I'm using the most recent version to 
install the ssh component on Server 2012R2 member server since it 
happened to become a requirement for certain users. The problem I have 
is to understand how to allow access for domain groups. I read the new 
version doesn't even need the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files any more 
but I couldn't see any explanation as to how to allow users or groups 
permission to ssh to the cygwin sshd server. Running ssh-host-config 
answering yes to all questions except the one for using other user than 
the cyg_server I set up the ssh daemon. Not knowing any other way I 
created the /etc/passwd file with $mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd which 
dumped all local users into the file. I successfully added a domain user 
with $mkpasswd -u [domain_user] -D [domain] >> /etc/passwd.
This worked just fine creating the /home/[user] folder I think although 
I haven't checked if it didn't get created earlier since I installed 
Cygwin under that user account.  No idea though how to get this working 
without the use of /etc/passwd file. I then created the /etc/group file 
and added my selected domain user group to it. Unfortunately in this 
case members of the group cannot connect via ssh. I don't know if there 
is a way to list all users including group members with access 
permissions. $net user lists only users. I tried $net group but this 
seems to be limited to DCs only which I have no access to. Could someone 
please explain how can this be set up and what tellls Cygwin who can 
connect and who can't?

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