ACL Hell

Duane Ellis
Thu Jul 16 03:46:00 GMT 2015

> I'm using cygwin for years already.
> I didn't use to have this problem in the past. It's something
> relatively new, that became way more intense in the past few months
> where I both re-installed windows at home, and got a fresh PC at work.

I had similar problems - and to fix them I did this:

Edit the file:   /etc/fstab

Add  “noacl” as an option for mount points - I just let all mount points be “windows default” and leave it.

It is in my opinion, the ACL stuff was well intended but ended up causing big problems for me.

Windows is just a very different beast, and does not implement POSIX very well, and no attempt at putting a square peg in a round hole ends well.
I think what Cygnus, then Redhat - etc has done is a marvelous and great good - but this ACL stuff - yuck.

I firmly believe  “ACL = ON” by default is wrong headed.


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