ACL Hell

Sky Diver
Wed Jul 15 19:18:00 GMT 2015

Hey Andrey,

> Are you running with superadmin credentials?
> Unlike Linux, Windows doesn't let regular users make symlinks.

I'm using cygwin for years already.
I didn't use to have this problem in the past. It's something
relatively new, that became way more intense in the past few months
where I both re-installed windows at home, and got a fresh PC at work.

On both machines I'm referring to the main user, which is part of the
Administrators group.
I believe that answers your question.

Both machine are Windows 8.1 64-bit, standalone station at home and
part of a domain at work.

One more thing, here's my CYGWIN env. varv:

$ echo $CYGWIN

This is the only way to produce windows compliant links (at least in my case).


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