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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Jul 15 07:51:00 GMT 2015

Hi guys,

On Jul 14 22:07, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 7/14/2015 6:03 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
> >On 07/08/2015 01:39 PM, Warren Young wrote:
> >>A search for "sigaltstack” on code.openhub.net found only 95 projects with this string in their source code, almost entirely consisting of *receivers* of that call, such as NetBSD, glibc, and a bunch of Linux forks.
> >
> >libsigsegv is a cygwin package (currently 32-bit only) that has
> >configure checks to use sigaltstack if present; I have not yet tested if
> >it can be configured to work with the new API, but hope to do so in the
> >near future.  In fact, if sigaltstack works, it may finally be possible
> >to port libsigsegv to 64-bit cygwin (the reason the current package is
> >not ported to 64-bit is that libsigsegv is relying on raw assembly and
> >Windows native calls to emulate the lack of sigaltstack; but if
> >sigaltstack works, then we don't need to port the 64-bit counterpart for
> >the 32-bit specific hacks).
> I just did a quick test, and it looks promising.  I removed all
> Cygwin-specific code from configure.ac and Makefile.am (see attached patch),
> and it then built on 64-bit Cygwin.  Here's the result of 'make check':
> Entering directory
> '/home/kbrown/src/cyglibsigsegv/libsigsegv-2.10-1.x86_64/build/tests'
> Test passed.
> PASS: sigsegv1.exe
> Test passed.
> PASS: sigsegv2.exe
> Doing SIGSEGV pass 1.
> Stack overflow 1 caught.
> Doing SIGSEGV pass 2.
> Stack overflow 2 caught.
> Test passed.
> PASS: sigsegv3.exe
> SKIP: stackoverflow1.exe
> SKIP: stackoverflow2.exe

Any idea why these two tests have been skipped?  That means the
HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_RECOVERY autoconf test failed.  You removed cygwin
from the explicit

  mingw* | cygwin*) sv_cv_have_stack_overflow_recovery=yes ;;

which is the right thing to do, but that means CFG_LEAVE has been
set to leave-none.c, apparently.

I haven't much time to look into that right now, but will later today if
you don't beat me to it.

> ======================
> All 3 tests passed
> (2 tests were not run)
> ======================
> [...]
> Please send the following summary line via email to the main author
> Bruno Haible <bruno@clisp.org> for inclusion into the list of
> successfully tested platforms (see PORTING file).
> libsigsegv: x86_64-unknown-cygwin | yes | no | 2.10
> >I'm not the cygwin packager for libsigsegv,
> No one is; it's orphaned.
> >but am one of the upstream
> >contributors, and so this thread has piqued my interest.
> So it seems that you would be the obvious person to maintain it, if you have
> the time.  If you don't have the time, I'd be willing to ITA it just to get
> it into the 64-bit distro.  But in that case I'd appreciate it if you would
> review my build after I send the ITA, since you actually know something
> about libsigsegv, and I don't.

Thanks a lot, this is most helpful.


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