Cygwin gcc mingw python development environment configuration

Andrey Repin
Thu Jan 29 12:46:00 GMT 2015

Greetings, Matt Thomas!

> I need to find references describing methods to configure:
> - Cygwin gcc environment
> - the Cygwin version of MingGW environment
> - gcc or mingw configurations for python compilations

> My questions are:
> - how to include all needed gcc source paths (of many)
> - how to include all needed library paths
> - do the ar as nm and other tools need to be specified in a configuration?

These are very generic questions, not related to Cygwin per se.
Grab first available book on GCC and read the answers from there.

> - how to include gcc/mingw options when needed for python situations

I don't know, what you mean here, but I suppose the answer is the same.

Cygwin aims to provide POSIX compatible(as much as possible within operating
system restrictions) execution environment.
This is NOT an emulation, but a compatible API and a set of tools.
Some caveats exist, as with any compatibility layer, but your mileage may
vary. Depends on the nature of your applications, you may never face them.

Andrey Repin ( 29.01.2015, <05:27>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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