Cygwin gcc mingw python development environment configuration

Matt Thomas
Thu Jan 29 12:11:00 GMT 2015

I need to find references describing methods to configure:
- Cygwin gcc environment
- the Cygwin version of MingGW environment
- gcc or mingw configurations for python compilations

My questions are:
- how to include all needed gcc source paths (of many)
- how to include all needed library paths
- do the ar as nm and other tools need to be specified in a configuration?
- how to include gcc/mingw options when needed for python situations

I have noticed an extensive framework of source paths beyond the default
observed via gcc -v and wonder how these would be tied in when needed.

Unless I misunderstand, it appears that only a single directory, no
subdirectories, can be included per -I path for gcc. It seems that only this
specified location is searched for source files, non-recursively.

Which begs the question, what if you need to include sources where a great
many subdirectories are involved? I hope there is a method that does not
include hard coding every single subdirectory.

Is there some tool or config file where I can configure build environments?

For example, if compiling Cython, which uses python, which in turn
calls gcc using a select build environment - how can I configure this to use
mingw, if this is required, instead of Cygwin gcc? How to configure paths or
select gcc parameters?

How can select source and library paths be selected per build environment?

The choices are either an intrinsic Cygwin gcc build environment, or a
Cygwin mingw based one. This provides for Cygwin and Windows dependent
platform targets. 

I want to work from mintty, as opposed to using a separate C:\MingGW MSYS
build environment. (Especially because I use python and other tools directly
from Cygwin/mintty)

I would like to cross compile to target other platforms later, but I need to
sort out the best configuration method for these two first.

I have been searching a lot of online references, but it is still unclear
how to accomplish this with a practical approach.

Ultimately I want a combination of Cython, python, Jython, gcc, mingw, sage,
and other math tools to compliment my Java work.

Any links and advice would be much appreciated, thanks,
Matt Thomas

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