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Bob Doskuno bigbob2k01@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 11:58:00 GMT 2015

On Monday, January 26, 2015 6:52 AM, Christian Kellermann <ckeen@pestilenz.org> wrote:
Version of chicken has been uploaded.

CHICKEN is a compiler for the Scheme programming language. CHICKEN
produces portable and efficient C, supports almost all of the R5RS
Scheme language standard, and includes many enhancements and
extensions. CHICKEN runs on Linux, MacOS X, Windows, and many Unix

I have claimed maintainership for this package, so please let me
know if you run into issues.


After installing this, postinstall errors are now received when running update/install. Error details, and change to fix (apparently a typo) are below.

Postinstall script errors...

Package: _/chicken
chicken.sh exit code 1


2015/01/27 06:35:44 running: C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile 

usage: chicken-install [OPTION | EXTENSION[:VERSION]] ...

-h   -help                    show this message and exit
-version                 show version and exit
-force                   don't ask, install even if versions don't match
-k   -keep                    keep temporary files
-x   -keep-installed          install only if not already installed
-reinstall               reinstall all currently installed extensions
-l   -location LOCATION       install from given location instead of default
-t   -transport TRANSPORT     use given transport instead of default
-proxy HOST[:PORT]       download via HTTP proxy
-s   -sudo                    use sudo(1) for filesystem operations
-r   -retrieve                only retrieve egg into current directory, don't install
-n   -no-install              do not install, just build (implies `-keep')
-p   -prefix PREFIX           change installation prefix to PREFIX
-list                    list extensions available over selected transport and location
-host                    when cross-compiling, compile extension only for host
-target                  when cross-compiling, compile extension only for target
-test                    run included test-cases, if available
-username USER           set username for transports that require this
-password PASS           set password for transports that require this
-i   -init DIRECTORY          initialize empty alternative repository
-u   -update-db               update export database
-repository              print path used for egg installation
-deploy                  build extensions for deployment
-trunk                   build trunk instead of tagged version (only local)
-D   -feature FEATURE         features to pass to sub-invocations of `csc'
-debug                   enable full display of error message information
-keep-going              continue installation even if dependency fails
-scan DIRECTORY          scan local directory for highest available egg versions
-override FILENAME       override versions for installed eggs with information from 

-csi FILENAME            use given pathname for invocations of "csi"
-show-depends            display a list of egg dependencies for the given egg(s)
-show-foreign-depends    display a list of foreign dependencies for the given egg(s)

chicken-install recognizes the http_proxy, and proxy_auth environment variables, if set.

2015/01/27 06:35:46 abnormal exit: exit code=1
2015/01/27 06:37:13 note: Installation Complete
2015/01/27 06:37:13 Ending cygwin install


chicken-install -update.db

Change: . to -

$ diff chicken.sh-original chicken.sh
< chicken-install -update.db
> chicken-install -update-db

Runs OK:

$ ./chicken.sh
loading import libraries ...
generating database
srfi-69 srfi-4 srfi-18 setup-download srfi-14 tcp setup-api srfi-13 srfi-1 utils posix ports 

lolevel irregex foreign files extras data-structures csi chicken r5rs-null r4rs-null scheme 

cp -r '/tmp/tempc885.6336/modules.db' '/usr/lib/chicken/7/modules.db'

Now update/install runs OK.

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