My apology to Corinna ... to the list

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Jan 29 09:32:00 GMT 2015

Hi Henri,

On Jan 28 13:24, Houder wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> Perhaps I was out of line with my post (which advertised your test
> version of setup.exe)

No worries.  Getting more testing is good.  As long as people are aware
that "test" version means *test* version and that in case of a bug, it
might happily eat your PC, and rightfully so ;)

> Perhaps I should have written, that I ALSO never 'downgrade' ...
> (consequently I did not test that "feature").
> And now it turns out that downgrading does not work (as you made
> clear); it even removes the package if one attempts to downgrade a
> package ...
> You are correct, downgrading using the test version of setup.exe,
> removes the package.

I uploaded a supposedly (hopefully) fixed version to

It works for me(TM).

It also fixes another subtil problem I encountered while testing.  When
checking and unchecking the Bin/Src boxes, if both boxes were
deselected, the package got uninstalled without showing up in the
"Pending" view.  I worked around that by setting the package state
explicitely to "Uninstall" if both boxes got deselected.

> [...]
> (it almost makes me wish for an "economy-class" version of setup.exe
> ... a slimmed down version, that is also NOT a brain twister for the
> developers)

Oh, how I wish *that* were true...


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