My apology to Corinna ... to the list

Wed Jan 28 20:44:00 GMT 2015

Hi Corinna,

Perhaps I was out of line with my post (which advertised your test version of setup.exe)

Perhaps I should have written, that I ALSO never 'downgrade' ... (consequently I did not
test that "feature").

And now it turns out that downgrading does not work (as you made clear); it even removes
the package if one attempts to downgrade a package ...

You are correct, downgrading using the test version of setup.exe, removes the package.

Eventually, I had to use the CURRENT release of setup.exe to reinstall the package ...

And guess what? I had to invoke setup.exe a second time, because the "official" setup.exe
had removed the test release of the cygwin package (dam..., again!)

Put differently, your modification of setup.exe was most welcome to me.

(it almost makes me wish for an "economy-class" version of setup.exe ... a slimmed down
 version, that is also NOT a brain twister for the developers)


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