accessing iphone photos from cygwin

Cary Lewis
Wed Jan 28 10:08:00 GMT 2015

When an iPhone is plugged into a windows machine, windows uses the WPD
(windows portable device) infrastructure to expose the photos on the
iPhone as a connected portable device.

There is no UNC path to the device.

Windows Explorer has access, and other windows programs like the file
importer, picasa, etc. all can access the photos, so how can this be
done in cygwin?

There is far manager plugin (a COM component) that allows the far
manager program to access the device, but there doesn't seem to be a
way to control far manager cleanly. I was hoping to find a library or
utility to access the photos that I could use in a cygwin bash script.

Does anyone know how to access the WPD components or infrastructure
from inside cygwin?

I know there is the libmtp cygport package, but it doesn't seem to
work along side the WPD inner workings of windows.

Thanks for any help.

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