Although advertised on a different Cygwin mailing list ...

Tue Jan 27 14:45:00 GMT 2015

Corinna wrote (on a different Cygwin mailing list, which I am not supposed to read):

Title: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

> Hi guys,
> I need a bit of feedback.
> One detail bugging me (and probably others as well) in Setup is this.
> If I chose to install a test version of a package, and then start Setup
> again, Setup will default to the current version of the package again.
> If I'm just a bit careless, I'll overwrite my test version with the curr
> version of this package.  And another Setup run will be required to fix
> that ...

Yes, yes, yes, bugging me too.

> Then she wrote (in a follow-up message):

> I checked in code which fixes this issue, which simplifies the package
> choosing algorithm when clicking on the package line, and which
> implements the default package in a way which never "downgrades" a
> package without the user's explicit consent by choosing the lower
> package version manually.  This is much more in line with the update
> mechanism in Linux package managers.
> I uploaded test builds of this setup to
> Please give it a try.

Which I did. Satisfied user here. An user which never uses the keep/current/experimental
radio buttons, though (which I consider superfluous).

Thank you.


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