Failure in merging win-env vars into post-'login'...

Linda Walsh
Mon Jan 26 15:46:00 GMT 2015

BTW -- the problem is (you probably already knew this)
in 'cygwin.dll', since to restore "password-less" login,
I just copied in the cygwin.dll from the previous version
(i.e. just that file), restarted inetd, and it worked.

BTW -- don't forget the .rhosts in your home dir.

Just experimented with my .rhosts

This is a oddity ...

The entry that works is the entry without the domainname before
my username!

either short or long name, upper or lower case,
but the entries with the domain name in front of
them don't work.... so...
these work:
athenae law law
Athenae law law
These do not:
athenae Bliss\law Bliss\law
Athenae Bliss\law Bliss\law

But it does log me in as the domain

Note my passwd file has both:
Bliss\law (domain account)
law (local account with different home directory)
the Bliss has my PDC's domain (machine id).
the local has whatever window's created when I
first setup the computer...

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