Subversion (svn.exe) prepending current directory to target path when using Windows path format.

Hans Deragon
Fri Jan 23 19:26:00 GMT 2015

On 2015-01-22 14:19, David Rothenberger wrote:

> Hans Deragon wrote:
>> When I run Cygwin subversion command (svn) with a Windows formatted 
>> path (C:dir1dir2...), for some reason it prepends the current 
>> directory (${PWD}) in Cygwin format (/cygdrive/c/...) to the target 
>> path in Windows format, causing the command to fail. Using a target 
>> path expressed in Cygwin format works fine.
> I am the maintainer of Subversion for Cygwin. I do not have the time or
> interest to try to patch this in Subversion. In general, I don't feel
> the Cygwin tools have a responsibility to support Windows formatted 
> paths.

I understand. Thank you for your reply, I will do without. I am just 
curious; is the problem really with svn? I thought that the Cygwin 
libraries are responsible for converting Windows path to Cygwin paths. I 
am surprised that svn has a different behavior depending of the path 
format; it suggests that some code of svn receives the Windows path 
instead of a converted Cygwin path, thus explaining the different 

I am not at all a Cygwin expert and I am just speculating.

Best regards,
Hans Deraogn

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