Failure in merging win-env vars into post-'login'...

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 23 15:10:00 GMT 2015

On Jan 22 17:40, Linda Walsh wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >It seems your home dir is different for some reason.  What does your
> >/etc/nsswitch.conf look like (if you have one)?  What does
> >
> >  getent passwd <your username>
> ----
> Same as it ever was...
> law.Bliss> getent passwd Bliss\\law
> Bliss\law:unused:5013:201:L A Walsh, Trust Technologies,,U-Bliss\law,S-1-5-21-33333-77777-33333-5013:/Users/law.Bliss:/bin/bash
> >print in a local mintty session, and what does it print in a remote
> >session via rlogin?  Why on earth are you still using rlogin anyway
> >instead of ssh?
> ----
> They print the same thing.  mintty doesn't have a smooth scroll option
> -- only jump scroll, so I can't see anything that scrolls.  It
> seems like if I cat 20 pages of text, mintty show me the last page,
> but I don't see an option to turn off jump scrolling.
> I'm not "still using" rlogin - I just switched to it recently
> for being able to open a local console/shell window using a terminal
> It's about 3-5 times faster than ssh.  For added security (besides
> the fact that my login isn't going out on the network for a local
> console, my windows machine isn't directly connected to the internet
> (behind a proxy) so it makes more sense to not use encryption.
> It also allows me to use "SecureCRT" (a remote terminal emulator)
> that I use to log into my server (even though I have a dedicated
> connection to the server).

Two things:

- Can you please start inetd under strace, once under 1.7.33, once under
  the 1.7.34 test DLL and then log in as you usally do?  This requires
  some patience because under strace the whole process of logging in
  will become almost unbearably slow.  With the test DLL, you can stop
  immediately after the password prompt shows up.  I take it you're
  starting inetd from the command line of a local session, right?
  The setup is dead simple then:

    $ strace -o inetd-1.7.33.trace inetd [your inetd options]

    $ strace -o inetd-1.7.34.trace inetd [your inetd options]

  Then send the traces, please, compressed and attached.

- Can you give me a short, concise description how you set up
  inetd/rlogin so I can try to reproduce this locally?


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