Subversion (svn.exe) prepending current directory to target path when using Windows path format.

David Rothenberger
Thu Jan 22 20:46:00 GMT 2015

Hans Deragon wrote:
> When I run Cygwin subversion command (svn) with a Windows formatted path
> (C:\dir1\dir2\...), for some reason it prepends the current directory
> (${PWD}) in Cygwin format (/cygdrive/c/...) to the target path in
> Windows format, causing the command to fail.  Using a target path
> expressed in Cygwin format works fine.

I am the maintainer of Subversion for Cygwin. I do not have the time or
interest to try to patch this in Subversion. In general, I don't feel
the Cygwin tools have a responsibility to support Windows formatted paths.

You could potentially create a wrapper script for use with your IDE that
does the conversion for you. I'd also be willing to look at any patch
you provide to fix the problem in Subversion and to incorporate it in
future releases. But I won't have the time to try and fix this myself.

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