[ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-003 (Christmas/New Year release)

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Jan 21 22:25:00 GMT 2015

On Jan 21 11:20, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jan 21 10:37, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Jan 21 02:45, Andrey Repin wrote:
> > > The setup: A Win7 machine - member of a NT4-style domain. (No AD yet.)
> > > [...]
> > I'm wondering if that's a side effect of using a NT4 domain.  This isn't
> > supported in Cygwin anymore for quite some time.  After all AD has
> > replaced NT4 15 years ago.  All the LDAP calls to fetch the AD attributes
> > won't work in an NT4 domain, for instance.
> > 
> > But even if all the calls to the DB fail, the /path scheme shouldn't be
> > affected.
> But it is...  I just inspected the code in CYgwin fetching the extra info
> for domain accounts.  Due to the way this works - a single ldap call to
> fetch all AD attributes - the evaluation only takes place after the LDAP
> call was successful.  This is independent of using non-AD schemes, basically
> like this:
>    if (is_domain_account)
>      {
>        [...]
>        if (cldap->fetch_ad_account ())
> 	 {
> 	   gid = posix_offset + cldap->get_primary_gid ();
> 	   home = cygheap->pg.get_home (cldap);
> 	   shell = cygheap->pg.get_shell (cldap);
> 	   gecos = cygheap->pg.get_gecos (cldap);
> 	 }
> The reason here is that we have to fetch the gid value anyway, so the
> code is relying on the ldap call.  The get_home(), get_shell(), get_gecos()
> methods get the full content fetched from AD and only then creates the
> pw_dir, pw_shell and pw_gecos values based on the content of nsswitch.conf.
> So, yes, this is a direct result of not supporting NT4 domains anymore.

FTR, Andrey and I were tackling this problem off-list, and I now added a
small, non-intrusive piece of code to allow fetching account info from
an NT4 domain.


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