Failure in merging win-env vars into post-'login'...

Linda Walsh
Sat Jan 17 13:10:00 GMT 2015

Linda Walsh wrote:
> It *looks*, at this point that my userid isn't being passed from inetd 
> to rlogind
> so it can read the ".rhosts" file in my WIN-HOME (USERPROFILE or 
Not quite sure how 'rlogin.exe' as "spawned" by "inetd.exe"
gets my UID as it's env already seems clear (Has PATH(long), SYSTEMDRIVE
SYSTEMROOT and WINDIR)... but nothing identifying my home dir, except
the 'token' as passed from 'inetd.exe' which I re-started manually,
interactively, after re-installing the earlier version of cygwin and
"cycling" all the cygwin processes.

However 'rlogin' DOES read C:\Users\law.Bliss\.rhosts in the previous
cygwin version (1.7.33-1) and is able to launch 'login' which
launches 'bash' as a login shell w/no PW.

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