[ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-003 (Christmas/New Year release)

cyg Simple cygsimple@gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 19:36:00 GMT 2015

> From: Corinna Vinschen
> On Jan 13 09:37, cyg Simple wrote:
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> > > From: Achim Gratz
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> > > Corinna Vinschen  writes:
> > > > Which means what for the Cygwin DLL?  Dropping TMP/TEMP from the
> > > > merged Windows env?  It makes sense, I think.  Of course, there
> > > > will be others...
> >
> > My process is dependent on the fact that TMP/TEMP have in/out
> > rewriting of strings from POSIX to WINDOWS so please leave it as is.
> You're missing something here.  What we're talking about is a merge of the

Correct, I was missing this key point.

> user's Windows default environment at the time of a user context switch (for
> instance, logon via ssh).  In that case, "leaving it as is"
> today would mean to *drop* TMP/TEMP from the environment, because that's
> what ssh does anyway.  Ssh drops almost everything from the environment,
> before exec'ing the child process.  And that's a good thing, because the
> environment (e.g. LOCALAPPDATA, USERPROFILE, etc) would otherwise reflect
> the settings of the user running the sshd service, not the settings of the user just
> logging in.

Shouldn't these be removed during the startup of sshd?  Then the child process would setup the variables during the login process?

> The new functionality we're talking about here is that the next Cygwin would
> "resurrect" the Windows environment setting for the child process started by
> sshd.  And these settings would be the one for the user just logging in.  This
> would help some Windows applications which otherwise choke if these
> Windows environment variables are missing.


> Having said that, TMP/TEMP have the downside of being used by POSIX and
> Windows applications alike.  Therefore these variables usually are converted
> from Windows to POSIX and vice versa on the fly.

This is what I was referring to earlier.

> However, whether it makes sense to set TMP/TEMP in a ssh logon session or a
> cron session is questionable.

Ack.  The environment tends to be empty on cron in *nix so I agree.  The logon process tends to be what sets the variables, however with Cygwin sshd we need to logon to a new user; would remote desktop protocol provider API help?


cyg Simple

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