[ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 1.7.34-003 (Christmas/New Year release)

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Tue Jan 13 14:44:00 GMT 2015

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> From: Achim Gratz
> Corinna Vinschen  writes:
> > Which means what for the Cygwin DLL?  Dropping TMP/TEMP from the
> > merged Windows env?  It makes sense, I think.  Of course, there will
> > be others...

My process is dependent on the fact that TMP/TEMP have in/out rewriting of
strings from POSIX to WINDOWS so please leave it as is.

> Just for this question: if the Cygwin DLL always handles it no matter
what, then I
> think these should be dropped.  If they aren't dropped, I'd say at least
> would need to override them.  I don't want to enable PermitUserEnvironment
> just to deal with these two and sshrc can't be used to change the
> Another idea would be to prefix WIN_ to all inherited variables so any
> program wanting to use them could pull them in as needed.

And I have a mashup of Cygwin and Windows applications.  I use Cygwin as a
tool for Windows applications not a replacement of the Windows applications.

> As I said, I'm trying to keep Cygwin and its environment separate from
> as much as possible, but others have different ideas about this and would
> probably want the opposite.  Maybe some CYGWIN setting would allow to do
> one or the other as needed (or always do it, but control the prefix), but
that's of
> course extra code to maintain and test.

I suppose a CYGWIN environment option could  control  the result with the
default being the current actions.

cyg Simple

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