source of qsort.c

Sun Jan 11 05:18:00 GMT 2015

Five years ago I asked David Korn  and he replied:

> Q1 Is the Cygwin qsort source available?
> Qsort must hide in library because a search in the Cygwin space yields
> nothing, not even a man page (reported in 2005).

  It's part of newlib, which cygwin links into the cygwin DLL to provide the
fundamentals of libc functionality.

> The 'Cygwin in CVS' page scares the chicken out of me.
> Its link
> is a dead end because its utils-link yields nothing.
> Q2 Any advice how to dig into CVS? ...

  Go up one level, then down!

> Q3 ... or is there a short cut to get the qsort source?

I want to check whether the bug I found and reported in qsort is fixed by now.
The links he provided don't work anymore.
The Cygwin site remains a black hole for me.

So again: how do I get the current qsort.c source??

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