svn-bisect no longer in subversion-tools

David Rothenberger
Wed Jan 7 18:14:00 GMT 2015

On 1/7/2015 7:18 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> /usr/bin/svn-bisect is not in the current release of subversion-tools,
> but it's in the previous release.  Is this a packaging oversight or a
> deliberate decision?

It was an explicit decision by me, the package maintainer. The 1.7
release series had an svn-bisect that I grabbed from Debian. It is not
part of the official Subversion repository. In 1.8, Subversion upstream
decided to remove many of the contributed tools from their repository. I
decided at the same time to drop svn-bisect and a few other tools from
Debian because Debian does not have 1.8 and it felt to me like
svn-bisect should be a separate package.

I no longer use Subversion, having switched to git, so it's unlikely
that I'll package svn-bisect. Any other interested parties are certain
welcome to create a package for it, though.

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